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Jury Duty 

Have you been summoned to jury duty in Massachusetts? Learn how to respond to your summons.

Grand Jury Duty 

Find out what to expect if you've been summoned for grand jury service.

Juror Courthouse Information 

Find information about juror courthouses.

Jury Duty Delinquency 

Find out what happens if you don't respond to your jury summons and what the steps in the delinquency process are.

Jury Duty Videos and Educational Materials 

A collection of jury duty videos and educational materials

Master Juror List Information for City & Town Clerks 

Learn about city and town requirements and legal obligations for submitting information for use in creating the Master Juror Lists.

Jury Duty Disqualification Information for Doctors 

Have you been asked to provide a jury duty letter of disqualification for a patient? Learn about the guidelines for writing disqualification letters.