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Look for Work as a PCA 

If you are looking for work as a Personal Care Attendant (PCA) you have come to the right place. Now you can connect online - FREE - with elders and people of all ages with disabilities who want to hire a Personal Care Attendant!

Hire a PCA 

The Council's Mass PCA directory provides access free of charge to all people with disabilities who qualify for the MassHealth PCA program.

PCA New Hire Orientation  

New PCAs, hired after January 1, 2014, are required to attend a 3-hour PCA New Hire Orientation. This PCA New Hire Orientation provides new PCAs with important employment-related information about wages, benefits, fraud, abuse, neglect, and worker rights.

Council Overview  

Information regarding the members of the council, it’s vision and bylaws, meeting schedules, minutes and events.

PCA Council Meeting Information 

Meeting Agendas will be posted to the council website 48 hours prior to the next scheduled meeting.

PCA Resources 

Union/Trainings, Paul Kahn Awards, and Reports and Publications

Reports and Publications 

Includes Labor Agreements, Consumer Survey Reports, and Surveys

What is a MassHealth PCA 

A PCA is a person recruited and hired by an individual (PCA Consumer-employer)

Mass. Rehab Commission PCA Job Candidates 

The PCA Workforce Council has partnered with the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission (MRC) to offer PCA consumer employers job recruitment and placement services.