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Rail & Transit studies and reports 

Studies and reports issued by the Rail & Transit Division of MassDOT.

Community Transit Grant Program 

An annual competitive grant program to meet the mobility needs of seniors and individuals with disabilities. Provides funds for the purchase of vehicles, mobility management activities, and operating costs.

The Massachusetts Rural Transit Assistance Program (MArtap) 

MArtap is a federally funded, state-administered program that offers training, education and technical assistance programs.

Statewide Plans 

Statewide Transportation Planning

Industrial Rail Access Program 

The MassDOT Industrial Rail Access Program (IRAP) is a competitive grant program first created by the Massachusetts State Legislature in 2012.

Mobility Management and Transportation Coordination 

It can be hard to navigate all the transportation services in a community, but these approaches can help.

40/54A Hearings and 161C Applications 

Laws related to the sale and use of railroad property in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Regional Transit Authority (RTA) Council 

The RTA Council fosters collaboration, promotes industry best practices, and provides a statewide vision for transit.

Workforce Transportation Program 

The MassDOT Rail & Transit Division is launching a new program that will provide funding for projects aimed at meeting workforce transportation needs around the Commonwealth.