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Request advice from the State Ethics Commission 

Request confidential advice from an attorney about how the conflict of interest law applies to you

Complete conflict of interest law training and summaries 

Mandatory online training programs and summaries of the conflict of interest law for public employees

File a complaint with the State Ethics Commission 

Conflict of interest or financial disclosure law complaints may be filed online, by mail, by phone, or in person

File or view Statements of Financial Interests (SFI) 

Learn how to complete or view SFIs filed with the State Ethics Commission in accordance with the financial disclosure law

File or view conflict of interest law disclosure forms 

Conflict of interest law disclosure forms for state, county, and municipal employees filed with the State Ethics Commission

Learn more with educational seminars and materials 

Read educational information about the conflict of interest law or sign up to attend a conflict of interest law seminar

Read laws, regulations, legal opinions and decisions 

Review the conflict of interest and financial disclosure laws as well as State Ethics Commission regulations, public legal opinions and public enforcement decisions

Read public information, press releases, and meeting notices 

Read press releases, meeting notices, and other public information from the State Ethics Commission

Public records requests for the State Ethics Commission 

Learn how to request public records from the State Ethics Commission.