James P. Cassidy


James Cassidy was appointed as Director for the Massachusetts Division of Standards in December 2018. Mr. Cassidy has  20 years of experience with weights and measures as the former Sealer of Weights and Measures for the City of Cambridge, and a cumulative 34 years of local government experience. Mr. Cassidy also served as a Chairman for the National Conference on Weights & Measures from 2017-2018.

Division of Standards  

The Division of Standards enforces accuracy requirements and other standards relating to weighing and measuring devices and their use in the sale of food, fuels and other products. DOS regulates the sale of gasoline and sets standards for lubricating oils and antifreeze, including the inspection of all fuel dispensing equipment for required markings pertaining to grade and brand. The Division also tests and approves coin operated devices, licenses auctioneers, transient vendors, promoters, peddlers, motor fuel and oil retailers and registers auto damage repair shops, and enforces the item pricing law, unit pricing regulations and item pricing waivers to retail food stores.