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Kamilia Drogosz

HR Liaison

Diversity Officer/ADA Coordinator/Human Resources Liaison

Kamilia Drogosz serves as the Diversity Officer, ADA Coordinator, and Human Resources (HR) Liaison at the Massachusetts Commission for the Blind (MCB). Kamilia joined MCB in 2012 and assumed her current role in 2015. Kamilia oversees Human Resources (HR) programs and services for the agency in partnership with the Executive Office of Health and Human Services (EOHHS). As the MCB Diversity Officer, Kamilia’s responsibilities include developing and implementing the agency’s diversity and affirmative action plans, and carrying out recruitment and retention efforts toward the agency’s goals for a diverse and inclusive workforce. As the agency’s ADA Coordinator, Kamilia is the primary resource within the agency to provide disability-related technical assistance to staff and the public.

In a previous role at MCB, Kamilia worked in the agency’s Employment Services unit. Kamilia engaged employers from across the Commonwealth with the agency to help maximize employment outcomes for the agency’s vocational rehabilitation consumers. Kamilia also procured a grant for MCB for $50,000 from the University of Massachusetts Boston Institute for Community Inclusion and implemented a statewide consumer mentoring program which continues today.

Kamilia has completed the Commonwealth Management Certificate Program (CMCP) as well as EOHHS Center for Staff Development MasSP programs. She holds a Master of Science in Rehabilitation Counseling from University of Massachusetts Boston and a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and International Studies from Stonehill College.

Massachusetts Commission for the Blind  

MCB serves individuals in Massachusetts who are legally blind by providing access to employment opportunities and social rehabilitation with the goal of increasing independence and self-determination.