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Policy Statement

Policy Statement 98-010: Policy on Extended Leave

Date: 03/31/1998
Organization: Board of Registration in Pharmacy
Referenced Sources: M.G.L. c. 112 § 42(A)
247 CMR 6.00

It is the policy of the Board that when a registered pharmacist Manager-of- Record of a retail pharmacy/pharmacy department, Director of Pharmacy of a institutional pharmacy, clinic pharmacy or other health system pharmacy department is intending to be away from the position greater than thirty days, an interim manager must be appointed and a controlled substance inventory taken, which must be signed by both the present manager as well as the interim manager. In the event that the registered pharmacist Manager-of-Record or Director of Pharmacy is away from the position for one-hundred days or more, a new application must be submitted to the Board for a change in Manager-of-Record and appropriate inventories must be taken pursuant to 247 CMR § 6.03(1) et seq.

Proposed for review on January 13, 1998, January 27, 1998, February 10, 1998, March 10, 1998.

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