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Policy Statement

Policy Statement Suffolk Civil County - Guidelines for Operation for Civil Session During COVID-19 Pandemic

Date: 03/31/2020
Referenced Sources: Superior Court Protocols by County

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Suffolk Civil Session Protocol

1. Until further notice, there will be one civil session, an emergency session, operating at Suffolk Superior Court. The emergency civil session will be staffed by a judge/session clerk team on a rotating basis. Any motion that a party presents as an emergency will be reviewed by the emergency judge, who will decide whether it needs to be heard and/or
ruled on.

2. Until further notice, hearings will only be granted in emergency and other time-sensitive matters. If the emergency judge determines that a hearing should be conducted on an emergency or other time-sensitive matter, it will be conducted by video and/or telephonic means, with the exception of petitions filed under G.L. c. 112, § 125 (“Mary Moe” petitions), which may be held in person.

3. Civil filings must be mailed or dropped off in the lobby of the courthouse. The clerk’s office will process the filings subject to available staffing, and bring them to the attention of the session judges. With regard to emergency and other time-sensitive filings, parties may call or email the clerk’s office to alert the clerk of the filing. If a session judge decides to conduct a hearing, it must be a time-sensitive matter and can only be conducted by video and/or telephonic means.

4. Parties may seek extensions of tracking order deadlines or other deadlines (beyond those ordered by the SJC) based on the COVID-19 emergency by written motion filed in
accordance with Superior Court Rule 9A. To the extent that
there are reasons other than the COVID-19 emergency for the need for an extension, these should be included in the motion.

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