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Beavers provide many benefits to their environment. However, the beaver population in Massachusetts has tripled since 1996. This increase has led to some negative impacts – learn about what to do if you have problems with beavers.
During the summer months, many fawns are born in Massachusetts. If you find a fawn, leave it alone. If you have questions or doubts, read on to learn more about fawn and deer behavior.
Moving wildlife is illegal, ineffective, and often harmful to the animal. Read on to find out why.
Woodchucks are burrowing animals and can make a home for themselves under your porch if you're not careful. Learn about woodchucks and what to do if problems arise.
Licensed Problem Animal Control (PAC) agents can be hired by landowners. If a wild animal is damaging your property or posing a threat to your safety, you can call a PAC agent for advice or for a home visit.
Also known as avian flu or bird flu, this disease is a naturally occurring viral infection in birds.
Learn how to protect yourself from this parasite.
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