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The Massachusetts DOER is in the process of designing a new solar incentive program pursuant to Chapter 75 of the Acts of 2016. DOER is working to create a long-term sustainable solar incentive program to promote cost-effective solar development
Summaries of all the Renewable and Alternative Energy Portfolio Standard programs.
View lists of all the electricity generating facilities that have been qualified for the RPS and APS Programs by DOER.
Relevant Statutes, Regulations, and Guidelines for the Programs Administered by DOER’s Renewable Energy Division.
Any company that sells retail electricity in Massachusetts is required to submit an Annual Compliance Filing that demonstrates it has met all RPS Class I, RPS Class II, and APS percentage obligations.
Important documents and publications relevant to the RPS and APS programs.
Annual auction for the sale of remaining Solar Carve Out I and II certificates not settled by the end of the NEPOOL GIS REC trading year.
Current details on the minimum standard ACP scheduled, opt-in term and a list of the qualified units.
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