Report DALA 2017 Annual Report to the Legislature

In 2017, the Division of Administrative Law Appeals (DALA) continued to improve the quality of the service it provides to the people and state agencies of Massachusetts. We are pleased to submit this report, pursuant to section 4H of Chapter 7 of the General Laws. It is our intention to provide an overview of DALA's operation and the modifications it made to its operation during 2017.

Binder organization: Division of Administrative Law Appeals
Date published: March 30, 2018
Volume: 2017 annual report

I. Executive Summary

DALA is responsible for providing individuals and state agencies with fair and impartial hearings in the most efficient manner possible. The agency is made up of two independent units; the General Jurisdiction Unit (GJU) and the Bureau of Special Education Appeals (BSEA).  In 2017, the GJU continued to review and modify its practices and procedures.  At the same time, the BSEA continued its outstanding work for the children, parents and school districts of Massachusetts.  In addition, the BSEA provided trainings state-wide for the consumers of its services.