Report  Division of State Police Oversight 2019 Annual Report

In 2019, the Division of State Police Oversight (DSPO), an embedded division of the Office of the Inspector General, undertook a variety of reviews and investigations to fulfill its statutory mandate to monitor the quality, efficiency and integrity of the operations of the Massachusetts State Police (MSP).

Organization: Office of the Inspector General
Date published: February 26, 2020

DSPO: Year in Review

The DSPO's projects included:

  • A review of the MSP's travel time policy
  • An examination of the administration of paid details by the State Police
  • A preliminary audit of State Police overtime shifts 

As a result of these projects, the DSPO identified opportunities to substantially reduce costs and mitigate risk within areas of the MSP. The annual report also includes updates on the efforts of the MSP to achieve certification and to modernize and centralize its systems.


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