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There are five different types of representation petitions: union representation petitions; written majority authorization petitions; union decertification petitions; employer-initiated petitions; and unit clarification petitions.
A showing of interest is the percentage of employees in a proposed or existing bargaining unit who are seeking union representation, a change in union representation, or decertification of the incumbent union.
There are five bars that prohibit the DLR from processing a representation petition.
Once the DLR determines that the petitioner has filed the appropriate showing of interest and there is no impediment to processing the petition, the DLR assigns a hearing officer to the case and issues a notice of hearing. Additional details are below.
The hearing officer will contact the parties to a petition to determine whether they will sign a consent to election agreement waiving a hearing and proceeding to an election.
An employer or employee organization may file a clarification and amendment petition to clarify whether particular employees are included in, or excluded from, an existing bargaining unit.
When employees who wish to be represented by a union for the purpose of collective bargaining, an employee organization can seek to forego a DLR-run secret ballot election and can instead seek certification based on a written majority authorization.