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School Water Improvement Grants

The School Water Improvement Grant (SWIG) program provides grants for schools to replace water fountains that tested positive for lead with filtered water bottle filling stations.

The SWIG program is a continued investment by the Commonwealth to support local schools with lead mitigation for drinking water. This commitment will build on the Commonwealth’s Assistance Program for Lead in School Drinking Water launched in 2016 that paid for schools to test their drinking water. The goal of the SWIG program is to fix issues identified through the testing program by providing grant funds to purchase and install filtered water bottle filling stations.

Once schools have tested their drinking water for lead, any drinking water fixtures that tested positive are eligible for grant funding for filtered water bottle filling stations. Recipients are districts with education facilities that have completed voluntary testing and reported their testing results to MassDEP. This program will enhance the benefit of completing testing while also providing assistance to schools to mitigate lead in their drinking water.

NOTE: The Pilot Application Round has closed. The Trust will announce the future applications rounds shortly. For those School Districts with submitted application, the Trust will contact you if more information is needed. The Trust will be announcing awards in the coming weeks. Please feel free to contact the Trust if you have any questions.

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