School Water Improvement Grants

The School Water Improvement Grants (SWIG) program provides grants to replace water fountains that tested positive for lead with filtered water bottle filling stations.

The SWIG program is a continued investment by the Commonwealth to support public and private schools, early education facilities and non-residential daycares with lead mitigation for drinking water. This commitment will build on the Commonwealth’s Assistance Program for Lead in School Drinking Water launched in 2016 that paid for schools to test their drinking water. The goal of the SWIG program is to address elevated lead levels identified through testing by providing grant funds to purchase and install filtered water bottle filling stations.

Once a facility has tested their drinking water for lead, drinking water fountains and bubblers that tested positive are eligible for grant funding. Eligible recipients are public school districts, private schools and public and private early education facilitates, and non-residential daycare facilities that have completed voluntary testing then reported their testing results to MassDEP’s Lead Contamination Control Act (LCCA) program. SWIG incentivizes education facilities to complete testing as well as provides assistance with lead mitigation in drinking water.

Round 2: Now accepting applications. The Part One application link may be found on the SWIG Application Instructions and Guidance page.

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