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Only licensed professionals can conduct system inspections or soil evaluations for septic systems. Learn about these professionals and how to hire one.
Septic systems are individual wastewater treatment systems, usually for individual homes. They are typically used in rural or lot settings where central wastewater treatment is not efficient.
If you need to hire someone to inspect or repair your septic system, this guide will help you make informed decisions.
If you want to know whether you can use a particular additive in your septic system, check this list.
The requirements and steps to becoming an approved Title 5 System Inspector or Soil Evaluator in Massachusetts.
A detailed guide to inspecting a septic system.
We know that innovative technologies deliver cost-effective environmental results. MassDEP encourages innovative technology development and use in the Commonwealth.
Septic systems (conventional septic systems, I/A technologies, and cesspools) also serve a variety of nonresidential groups such as beauty shops, drycleaners, hospitals, schools, restaurants, and funeral homes. These groups have specific issues that need to be addressed.
Questions to ask as you plan for a new septic system.