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2018 Massachusetts Saltwater Fishing Derby winners

Stay up to date with the current leaders of both the Weigh-In and the Catch & Release categories.

2018 Saltwater Weigh-In Winners

There were five skillful skipper winners this year; Capt. Tim Brady, Capt. Jason Colby, Capt. Joe Huckemeyer, Capt. Mike Pierdinock, and Capt. Mel True.


Updated 1/8/19

Species Division Name Heaviest Fish Weigh Station Town of Residence
Albacore Men Peter Shepardson 56 lbs 11 oz Dick's Bait & Tackle Vineyard Haven
Bigeye Tuna Men Daniel Bliss 319 lbs 5 oz* Nantucket Angler's Club Cohasset
Black Sea Bass Men Anthony DeiCicchi 5 lbs 13 oz Falmouth Bait & Tackle E. Falmouth
  Women Mimi DiMauro 4 lbs 12 oz M & D Bait & Tackle Wareham
  Junior Gardner Stock  5 lbs 7 oz Westport Marine Irvington, NY
Bluefish Men Dave Henderson 17 lbs 6 oz Canal Bait & Tackle Barnstable
  Women Richelle O'Neil 16 lbs 6 oz Martha's Vineyard Derby Edgartown
  Junior Ronan Robinson 10 lbs 12 oz Martha's Vineyard Derby Milton
Bonito Men Sam Nicholson 9 lbs 10 oz Nantucket Angler's Club Nantucket
  Women Anna Guica 6 lbs 6 oz Martha's Vineyard Derby Vineyard Haven
  Junior Mason Warburton 10 lbs 10 oz Dick's Bait & Tackle West Tisbury
Dolphin Men Peter Shepardson 18 lbs 8 oz Dick's Bait & Tackle Vineyard Haven
  Junior John Clark 21 lbs 9 oz M & D Bait & Tackle Marion
False Albacore Men Gary Look 15 lbs 12 oz Martha's Vineyard Derby Edgartown
  Junior Calidore Robinson 7 lbs Martha's Vineyard Derby Milton
Fluke Men Jaroslaw Grodski 15 lbs 6 oz Powderhorn Outfitters Karney, NJ
  Women Marcy Rossi 13 lbs 5 oz Red Top Norwood
  Junior Michael Sullo 11 lbs 11 oz Powderhorn Outfitters Frenchold, NJ
Halibut Men John Cebulski 82 lbs Powderhorn Outfitters Wallington, NJ
King Mackerel Men Joseph Tormay 7 lbs 6 oz Nantucket Angler's Club Nantucket
  Junior Zak Potter 9 lbs 14 oz* Dick's Bait & Tackle Oak Bluffs
Scup Men Daso Sideropoulus 4 lbs 6 oz Belsan's Bait & Tackle Pembroke
  Women Judy Jennings 2 lbs 8 oz Red Top Middleboro
  Junior  Nate True 2 lbs 10 oz Red Top  Freetown
Striped Bass Men Scott Carpenter 54 lbs 4 oz Falmouth Bait & Tackle Cataumet
  Women Mimi DiMauro 36 lbs Cape Cod Tackle Wareham
  Junior Tyler Fico 38 lbs 1 oz Dick's Bait & Tackle Canton
Tautog  Men Joshua Treadwell 9 lbs 13 oz Red Top  Washington, NH
  Junior (tie) Lexi True 5 lbs 8 oz Never Home Bait & Tackle Freetown
  Junior (tie) Connor Polocrick 5 lbs 8 oz Bad Daddy Dartmouth
Wahoo Men Kenneth Whiting 71 lbs 13 oz Powderhorn Harwich
Winter Flounder Women Jenna Gomez 3 lbs Fore River Fishing Tackle Commack, NY
  Junior Matthew Calvo 2 lbs 2 oz Fore River Fishing Tackle Staten Island, NY
Yellowfin Tuna Men Gregory Lee 78 lbs Dick's Bait & Tackle New York, NY

*New state record

2018 Catch & Release Winners

Updated 12/20/18

Species Division Name Length Town of Residence
Black Sea Bass Adult Justin Charos 23.5" Wakefield
  Junior John Clark 21.5"  
Bluefish Adult Peter Gawne 36" Swampscott
  Junior John Clark 27"  
Blue Shark Adult Paula Silva 78"  
  Junior Ethan Swenson 95"  
Cod Adult Cole Hicks 33" Rehoboth
False Albacore Adult J.R. MaGee 25" Forestdale
Fluke Junior John Clark 18" Marion
Haddock Adult Justin Wirrell 22.5"  
Mackerel Adult Corbin Martin 18.5"  
Mako Adult Paula Silva 80"  
Scup Adult Mike Batta  17" W. Barnstable
  Junior James W. Oldershaw 16.5" Lexington
Striped Bass Adult Frank Mazzulli 49"  
  Junior Ryker Wilson 33" Windham, NH
Tautog Adult Ron Powers 24" Stoneham
Winter Flounder Adult Eric Hromada 19" Peabody
  Junior Amy Herrick 14.5"