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2019 Massachusetts Saltwater Fishing Derby Winners

Stay up to date with the current leaders of both the Weigh-In and the Catch & Release categories.

2019 Saltwater Weigh-In Winners

Updated 1/28/20

Species Division Name Heaviest Fish Weigh Station Town of Residence
Black Sea Bass Men Thomas Carroll 5 lbs 11 oz Cherry's Bait & Tackle Kingston
  Women Michelle Duarte-Anderson 6 lbs 14 oz Powderhorn Outfitters Cotuit
  Junior William Shaw III 5 lbs 9 oz Westport Bait & Tackle Westport
Bluefish Men Matthew Maher 18 lbs 3 oz Red Top Sporting Goods Plymouth
  Junior Aubrey Warburton 20 lbs 3 oz Dick's Bait & Tackle W. Tisbury
Bonito Men Dave Long 7 lbs 14 oz Nantucket Angler's Club Everett
  Women Elise Costa 6 lbs 3 oz Powderhorn Outfitters Orleans
Dolphin Men Gregory Lee 18 lbs 5 oz Dick's Bait & Tackle New York, NY
Fluke Men Michael Salko 15 lbs 4 oz Riverview Bait & Tackle Cream Ridge, NJ
  Women Kate Weld 11 lbs 9 oz Nantucket Angler's Club Nantucket
  Junior Lola Crisp 7 lbs 5 oz Riverview Bait & Tackle West Bridgewater
King Mackerel Junior Caden Ranawat 5 lbs 10 oz Nantucket Angler's Club New York, NY
Porbeagle Shark Men Ryan O'Connor 361 lbs Belsan Bait & Tackle New York, NY
  Women Amanda Niemann 308 lbs 2 oz Belsan Bait & Tackle Boston
Scup Men Matt Kelly 2 lbs 14 oz Fishing Finatics Boxford
  Women Jenna Goldstein 2 lbs 10 oz Cherry's Bait & Tackle Kingston
  Junior Madison Sexton 2 lbs 8 oz Red Top Sporting Goods Bourne
Striped Bass Men Nick Warburton 52 lbs 7 oz Dick's Bait & Tackle Tisbury
  Women Jenna Goldstein 38 lbs Cherry's Bait & Tackle Kingston
  Junior Mason Warburton 37 lbs 9 oz Dick's Bait & Tackle W. Tisbury
Tautog  Men Sean Gallagher 11 lbs 1 oz Dick's Bait & Tackle Sellerville, PA
  Women Mary MacGregor 10 lbs Sportsman's Outfitter Berkley
  Junior Gus Normyle 9 lbs Hull Bait & Tackle Bangor, PA
Winter Flounder Men Jason Colby 4 lbs Hull Bait & Tackle Rehoboth
Yellowfin Tuna Men Joe Thompson 59 lbs Dick's Bait & Tackle W. Tisbury

*New state record

2019 Catch & Release Winners

Updated 12/12/19

Species Division Name Length Town of Residence
Black Sea Bass Adult Richard Trifone 22.5" E. Sandwich
  Junior John Clark 22" Marion
Bluefish Adult Will Barnard 36.5" Long Island, NY
  Junior Ryker Wilson 33" Windham, NH
Blue Shark Adult Paul Charos 84" Wakefield
False Albacore Adult Nancy Magee 27" Forestdale
  Junior John Clark 24.5" Marion
Fluke Junior John Clark 25" Marion
Mackerel Adult Jenna Goldstein 17" Kingston
Mako Adult Ron Amidon 72" Templeton
Scup Adult Joan Burrell 18" Upton
  Junior (tie) Wilson Skomal 16" Marion
  Junior (tie) Jackson Furgal 16" Waltham
Striped Bass Adult Jordan Depenbrock 46" Hull
Tautog Adult Lou Sullivan 23.5" E. Bridgewater
Winter Flounder Adult Adam Herman 17" Bridgewater
  Junior Kyle Hoffman 17" Carver