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2020 Filing

Information regarding the 2020 Filing

Recognizing the unprecedented challenges to the health care system from the COVID-19 pandemic, the MA-RPO program is not requiring Provider Organizations to submit a filing this year. The only 2020 filing requirement for the MA-RPO program is an updated physician roster. The 2020 physician roster file can be submitted next year along with Provider Organizations’ 2021 filing (anticipated to be due in July 2021) or any time prior.

A 2020 Physician Roster file template is below. The requirements for completing the 2020 physician roster are the same as the requirements for the 2019 physician roster, as detailed in the 2019 Data Submission Manual, with the exception that the Physician Roster must include all physicians participating in at least one contract on January 1, 2020 that was established by the Corporately Affiliated Contracting Entity.

Provider Organizations may submit their 2020 Physician Roster as a file attachment in the online submission platform as part of their 2021 filing. If you would like to submit your roster prior to the 2021 filing, you may submit it at any time via email to

2020 Physician Roster File Template

Online Submission Platform

Provider organizations submit their annual filings using the online submission platform. Each individual that submitted a completed INET User Agreement to the MA-RPO program should use their existing user name and password to access the online submission platform. If additional users need to access the online submission platform, please complete the following form and email it to

INET User Agreement

Program staff strongly recommends reviewing the following resource before using the online submission platform:

User Manual