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2021 Massachusetts Saltwater Fishing Derby Leaders

Stay up to date with the current leaders of both the Weigh-In and the Catch & Release categories.

2021 Saltwater Weigh-In Leaders

Updated 9/6/2021

Species Division Name Heaviest Fish Weigh Station Town of Residence
Big Eye Tuna Junior John Clark 174 lbs 9 oz Red's Best  
Black Sea Bass Men Anthony Deicicchi 5 lbs 9 oz Eastman's Bait & Tackle Falmouth
  Junior Nico Orsine 6 lbs 3 oz Dick's Bait and Tackle  
Bluefin Tuna          
Bluefish Men Fred Sterner 15 lbs 15 oz Westport Bait & Tackle  
  Women Jo-Ann Webster 12 lbs Canal Bait & Tackle  
Bonito Men

Zachary Magid

11 lbs 12 oz Larry's Tackle  
Dolphin Fish Men Andrew Jacobs 20 lbs 14 oz Larry's Tackle Shop  
False Albacore          
Fluke Men David Erhart 13 lbs 14 oz Riverview Bait & Tackle  
Halibut Men Roger Stolte 87 lbs 8 oz Nantucket Angler's Club  
King Mackerel Men Brian Nunesvais 7 lbs 1 oz Dick's Bait & Tackle  
Mahi Junior John Clark 20 lbs 0 oz Red's Best  
Porbeagle Shark Men Tim Keenan 424 lbs 0 oz Belsans Bait & Tackle  
Scup Men Lambro Ellinas 3 lbs 13 oz Red Top Sporting Goods  
  Junior  Cole Smith 2 lbs 13 oz Red Top Sporting Goods  
Striped Bass          
Thresher Shark          
Wahoo Men Jeffrey Granville 101 lbs 2 oz Riverview Bait & Tackle  
Winter Flounder Men Bob Dauphinea 3 lbs 3 oz Belsans Bait & Tackle  
Yellowfin Tuna Junior John Clark 57 lbs 4 oz Falmouth Bait & Tackle  

*New state record

2021 Catch & Release Leaders

Updated 9/14/21

Species Division Name Length Town of Residence
Black Sea Bass Adult John LaRose 23"  
Bluefish Adult Richard Trifone 33"  
  Junior John Clark 28"  
Blue Marlin Junior John Clark 100"  
Blue Shark


Bluefin Tuna        
Cod Adult Bertigio Cordero 30"  
Dolphin Fish Adult Guido DiPietro III 38"  
False Albacore        
Fluke Adult Guido DiPietro III 27"  
Haddock Adult
Guido DiPietro III
Mackerel Adult Bruce Wilson 17"  
Scup Adult Jason Colby 17"  
Striped Bass Adult Michael Singer 46"  
Weakfish Adult James Cabral 25"  
Winter Flounder