2022 Filing

Information regarding the 2022 Filing

Provider Organizations that are subject to 958 CMR 6.00 and 957 CMR 11.00 must submit their 2022 filings by Friday, September 30, 2022 at 5:00 PM. Provider Organizations that are subject to 958 CMR 6.00 and 957 CMR 11.00 and have never registered with the MA-RPO program should contact program staff at HPC-RPO@mass.gov.

Final Data Submission Manual for the 2022 Filing

The Data Submission Manual (DSM) is an administrative bulletin published by the MA-RPO program pursuant to 958 CMR 6.05(1) and 957 CMR 11.07. The 2022 DSM contains the data elements and submission instructions for the 2022 Filing.

2022 Data Submission Manual

2022 Filing Templates

Blank templates for the Physician Roster file, the Financial Statements file, and the Payer Mix file are available below. These files must be submitted as file attachments to a Provider Organization’s materials. Templates used to import data as part of previous filings no longer work in the online submission platform. Program staff expects that Provider Organizations will be able to make any necessary updates directly in the online submission platform. Provider Organizations that would like to import data via Microsoft Excel templates (e.g., for the Facilities file, Clinical Affiliations file, and the Contracting Affiliations file) should contact program staff.

2022 Affidavit of Truthfulness

2022 Financial Statements File Template

2022 Payer Mix File Template

2022 Physician Roster File Template

Online Submission Platform

Provider Organizations will use the online submission platform to complete their 2022 filings. Provider Organizations that completed the 2021 filing will have their applications prepopulated with approved 2021 information. Users will be able to edit prepopulated information, including adding or deleting information, as appropriate.

Each individual that submitted a completed INET User Agreement to the MA-RPO program should use their existing username and password to access the online submission platform. If additional users need to access the online submission platform, please complete the following form and email it to HPC-RPO@mass.gov:

INET User Agreement

Program staff strongly recommends reviewing the following resource before using the online submission platform:

User Manual

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