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An overview

The Commonwealth’s public higher education system is an essential part of addressing the increasing need for prepared workers at all levels, and improving economic development throughout the State. The range of program offerings, academic facilities and teaching spaces are all essential aspects of the state’s ability to deliver services successfully. The system of (15) Community Colleges, nine (9) State Universities, and five (5) campuses of the University of Massachusetts, totals a student enrollment of over 220,000. The capital assets supporting the System of 29 institutions include over 1,000 (725 state owned) buildings totaling approximately 42 M gross square feet (gsf) 29 M gsf state owned) of built space on over 7,200 acres of land, which is nearly half of DCAMM’s portfolio in terms of square footage.

The capital investment priorities for higher education will be fulfilled through a new collaborative, transparent process developed over the FY 16 – 17 year focusing in the following priorities:

  • Invest in repairing, renovating, demolishing or replacing current facilities, while maximizing use and functionality of existing spaces
  • Expand and deepen programmatic collaborations between and among other academic institutions and outside public/private partners
  • Align investments to the priorities of the Workforce Skills Cabinet or other quantifiable labor market needs
  • Develop more flexible and innovative program delivery models, including online or hybrid learning, in order to minimize space requirements, while improving student access and outcomes

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