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About our Services

Services provided by the Division of Local Services' Technical Assistance Bureau (TAB)

The DLS Technical Assistance Bureau (TAB) helps cities and towns improve the effectiveness of their financial management and fiscal planning by providing them with a wide range of published guidance, presentations, trainings, and project-based consulting services. In every local engagement, our team assesses the community's goals, challenges, and constraints to deliver a report containing practical recommendations to improve operations. Among the resources and services we provide are:

  • Online guidance - best practice papers on financial reserves, debt management, enterprise funds and many other topics; municipal finance glossary; capital planning manual and forms
  • Online tools - calculators to assess the impact of tax levy and debt decisions; templates for receivable control and cashbook; forecast workbook and manual
  • Training – presentations to professional groups; local, individualized trainings
  • Community-tailored best practice deliverables - financial policy manuals; financial forecasts; budget documents; financial indicator analyses
  • Consulting projects - broad-scope financial management reviews; government structure or operational reviews; shared service analyses; capital planning studies; community comparison analyses

To request TAB services, city and town officials with a Gateway account can click the link and follow the instructions provided on the landing page:

 For any questions, please contact Zack Blake, TAB Bureau Chief, at