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About the Acceler-8 I-90 Bridge Replacements Project

This project will upgrade eight I-90 bridges (Eastbound and Westbound) over Flanders Road in Westborough and Parkerville Road, Woodland Road, and Cordaville Road in Southborough.

Project Description

This project will replace the superstructures of the six I-90 bridges (Eastbound and Westbound) over Flanders Road, Parkerville Road, and Woodland Road.  The two bridges over Cordaville Road will be replaced entirely.

Resurfacing of I-90 and replacement of median barrier and guardrails will take place along the entire length of the 2.3-mile project.

The project will use Design/Build Project delivery. This method can shorten construction time and promote innovation by using an engineer/contractor team. I-90 near the eight bridges carries approximately 100,000 vehicles per day.

MassDOT is replacing these bridges before the start of the adjacent I-90/I-495 Interchange Reconstruction Project in order to avoid overlapping traffic impacts.  Delaying these replacements until after the I-90/I-495 project would result in continued deterioration causing more extensive and costly repairs.

Using Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC) methods and weekend traffic crossovers will allow for safer and more efficient construction. Conventional bridge replacements would take approximately 3 years and increase traffic congestion.  Any conventional work along the roadway has a significant impact on local and regional drivers.

Project Schedule

During the summer of 2021, MassDOT will replace these structures over eight separate weekends. Utilizing ABC methods and replacing one bridge at a time will limit impacts to local traffic.

During these weekends:

  • Beginning Friday night, one direction of I-90 will close.
  • That direction of traffic will be shifted to the opposite side of the highway using median crossovers.
  • On the open side of the highway, I-90 will consist of two lanes in each direction (Eastbound & Westbound) separated by temporary barrier.
  • Traffic will be shifted back and I-90 will open to three lanes in each direction by the following Monday morning.

To ensure public safety during weekend bridge work, we will close the local roadway below the bridge to traffic. A signed detour route will be in place.

MassDOT wants drivers to experience as few delays as possible. Traffic engineers will determine working hours when the Design-Builder will reduce lanes. No work will take place on holiday weekends and the July 4th holiday period.

Top 10 high volume weekends for I-90 east and westbound in 2019

High volume shown by number of vehicles on each weekend day.

I-90 WB, AET 8 - Top 10 Saturday and Sunday High Volume Days in 2019

1 Saturday 05/11/19 57431 Mother's Day Weekend
2 Saturday 09/28/19 56263  
3 Saturday 10/26/19 54713  
4 Saturday 04/13/19 54447 Patriots Day Weekend
5 Saturday 10/19/19 54404  
6 Saturday 12/21/19 54401 Weekend before Christmas
7 Saturday 09/21/19 54270  
8 Saturday 10/12/19 53501 Columbus Day Weekend
9 Saturday 10/05/19 53488  
10 Saturday 06/22/19 52464  

I-90 EB, AET 8 - Top 10 Saturday and Sunday High Volume Days in 2019

1 Saturday 11/30/19 63863 Thanksgiving Weekend
2 Sunday 04/21/19 61381 Easter Sunday
3 Saturday 10/26/19 56807  
4 Saturday 09/28/19 56730  
5 Saturday 1019/19 56372  
6 Sunday 05/12/19 55676 Mother's Day Weekend
7 Sunday 09/29/19 55184  
8 Saturday 09/21/19 54938  
9 Sunday 06/23/19 54913  
10 Saturday 08/31/19 54910 Labor Day Weekend