About the Casey Arborway Project

This project removed the existing structurally deficient Casey Overpass and replaced it with a simplified at-grade roadway network.

Improvements include:

  • Enhanced bicycle and pedestrian accommodations

  • A new fully accessible Orange Line access/egress headhouse

  • Relocation of the Route 39 bus to the expanded upper busway at Forest Hills Station

  • Construction of a canopy to protect the expanded busway from snow and rain

  • Reconnecting the Arborway and Emerald Necklace Park from the Arnold Arboretum to Franklin Park.

The streetscape has permeable pavers along sidewalks and bicycle paths. The runoff of water into these pavers will help to water the trees planted there. Existing granite block and cobblestone are being used in the proposed medians and short retaining walls.

The project includes an increase of approximately 560 trees over the number in the area when the overpass was present. These trees will help to reconnect two significant “jewels” on the Emerald Necklace: Franklin Park and the Arnold Arboretum. Species chosen are reflective of those present in both the park and arboretum.

The project area contains four larger plaza areas:

  • Toole Square

  • Southwest Corridor Park Plaza

  • MBTA North Plaza

  • Shea Square Plaza

Shea Square replaces Shea Circle. It will provide historical information about the old circle, Franklin Park and Morton Street, and create a small resting area and park where the travel lanes of the rotary had been. This park also provides a “front yard” for the Franklin Park Villa senior housing facility which used to front onto active traffic.