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About the Craigie Bike Safety Improvements project

This spring, we are restriping the Charles River Dam Road between Leverett Circle and the Gilmore Bridge to add bike accommodations and implement recommendations from a January 2019 Road Safety Audit.

Project Overview

MassDOT and DCR held an initial public meeting and comment period in December 2018. Over the winter, MassDOT has advanced a design to present to the public in May 2019, with the goal of striping the street soon after.

In December 2018, we changed the speed limit signage to reflect a 25MPH speed limit. We held a Road Safety Audit on January 17, 2019, to help inform the design and held a public meeting to present the design in May. On July 21, construction is scheduled to begin which will include a resurfacing of the road followed by changing pavement markings and installing flex posts and new signage. After improvements are completed, we will continue to gather data to evaluate how well the changes are working.

Existing Conditions

Our project limits are between Land Boulevard and Leverett Circle. This stretch of Charles River Dam Road carries 37,500 vehicles per day on average (data from Sept. 2018) with a posted speed limit of 25MPH. It includes two fixed-width bridges: the Craigie Drawbridge and the Craigie Dam. The Museum of Science abuts the street, accessed every day by school and tour buses and Duck Boats as well as visitors on foot, bike, and car. There are 6 vehicular travel lanes, no dedicated bicycle facilities, and no defined turn-lane into the Museum of Science.