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About the Federal Funds Office

Learn about why the office was created, its goals and how to contact them.

The Executive Office for Administration & Finance (A&F) created the Federal Funds Office (FFO) to manage COVID-19 federal funding. A&F’s mission in managing federal funds is to continue to implement the Baker-Polito Administration’s policy agenda, to help balance the state’s budget, and to exercise responsible stewardship of the funds. FFO’s goals include:

  • Maximizing federal funds in order to cover costs of COVID-19 response and stabilize state and local budgets,
  • Managing compliance risks in an evolving federal landscape, and
  • Appropriately informing and involving stakeholders.

To achieve these goals, FFO works on:

  • Coordinating with Secretariats to identify and pursue all federal funding opportunities that support administration priorities instead of, or in addition to, state resources;
  • Overseeing compliance and reporting for the Coronavirus Relief Fund, as well as providing support to state agencies and other Massachusetts entities on federal funds compliance; and
  • Creating tools like this web page to increase public transparency about the sources and uses of federal funds, and to bring attention to progress made on helping Massachusetts recover.

The federal government has provided approximately $47 billion in aid to Massachusetts in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Recipients of this funding included private entities, such as Massachusetts businesses, nonprofits, and individuals; public entities such as municipalities and school districts; and state agencies. Of the funding distributed to state agencies, 75% was additional funding for existing programs, such as the Community Development Block Grant or Unemployment Insurance benefits.

Of the 25% of funding which provided more discretion in allocation, one of the largest and most flexible programs is the Coronavirus Relief Fund. Massachusetts received nearly $2.7B which is being allocated across the state, including making funding available to municipalities for expenditures related to the COVID-19 public health emergency.

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