Accelerated Energy Program (AEP)

This program involved developing and implementing energy and water savings projects statewide.
project photo collage

What you need to know about the AEP

  • Launched in 2012 in association with Executive Order 484
  • Collaborative effort between the Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance (DCAMM), Department of Energy Resources (DOER), and Massachusetts utility companies
  • 700 state-owned sites included
  • 700 day implementation timeframe


  • Initiated  projects at all 700 sites within the 700 day target
  • Completed projects save $8.7 million annually
  • Energy reduction to date of 247,600 MMBTU – enough to heat/power 2,130 MA homes annually
  • Emissions reduction to date of 21,800 metric tonnes C02 – equivalent to taking 4,590 cars off the road
  • Helped Massachusetts rank 1st place in the nation on the ACEEE State Energy Efficiency Scorecard for 7 years
  • Created several innovative funding and procurement processes
  • Continues to bring projects into construction