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Achievement and Competency Enhancement System

ACES for Managers

Achievement and Competency Enhancement System

Performance management is the foundation of performance excellence. The process includes setting clear and specific performance expectations for each employee and providing periodic informal and formal feedback about employee performance relative to those stated goals.

The online Achievement and Competency Enhancement System (ACES) allows Executive Department managers to capture performance expectations, create relevant objectives, document progress and accomplishments and write performance appraisals. The annual performance evaluation and planning process is a three-part cycle. Here you will find the information you need to know about ACES and tasks that must be accomplished in the annual performance evaluation cycle.

List of Agency ACES Coordinators

Roles and Responsibilities


The performance planning process should occur regardless of the timing of when a Reporting Manager enters or transfers into a management position. Performance objectives should always be entered within 30 days. You may have more than one role in this important process:

  • Reporting Manager: This is the manager being evaluated. Responsible for collaborating with your supervisor, the Appraising Manager, to finalize performance objectives and accomplish the expected outcomes.
  • Appraising Manager: As direct supervisor of a Reporting Manager, responsible for collaborating with the Reporting Manager to set expectations and define performance objectives.
  • ACES Coordinator: The main point of contact for all agency managers who work on the management performance evaluation program. You provide managers with an overview of the management performance evaluation process, the cycle timeframes, and program guidelines, generate reports, and serve as a liaison to the ESC.
  • Employee Service Center (ESC): Responsible for answering inquiries related to creating ACES accounts, password resets, unlocking accounts, deactivating a user, data uploads and missing “reports to” information (i.e. updating the Appraising Manager names).

ACES: On Cycle Hires

Managers who enter management positions during the first (6) months from the start of the current ACES cycle are considered on cycle hires:

  • Appraising Managers work with agency ACES Coordinator to get the new ACES form in system
  • ACES Coordinators will work with HRD to communicate the appropriate timing of the review cycle

ACES: Off Cycle Hires

Managers who enter management positions more than six (6) months from the start of the current ACES cycle are considered off cycle hires:

  • Appraising Managers and Reporting Managers will not participate in the current Performance Evaluation Program cycle
  • ACES forms will not be set up for these managers so objectives must be created offline (i.e. Microsoft Word)
  • These new Reporting Managers are still expected to meet the defined performance objectives but they will not receive a formal performance evaluation rating