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Actions involving unwed parents: court forms

A collection of court forms related to actions involving unwed parents.
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Paternity, Complaint to Establish 

Revised: July 15, 2015
Form Number: CJD 106

Use to ask Court to establish that an individual is the father of a child where the parents have never married. 

Parties may also request custody, support, and/or parenting orders.

Also available in Portuguese and Spanish.


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Portuguese version of form 

Spanish version of form 

Support-Custody-Parenting Time, Complaint for 

Revised: July 15, 2015
Form Number: CJD 109

Use to request custody and/or parenting time with child(ren); health insurance; prohibition from imposing any restraint on the personal liberty of plaintiff and/or child(ren).

Form only used for children of unwed parents.

Also available in Portuguese.


Printing Standards 

Portuguese version of form 


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