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Agencies and Departments of the Treasury

The Massachusetts State Treasury is comprised of multiple departments and agencies that serve the public through the Office of the State Treasurer and Receiver General.

Our Internal Departments

Oversees the fiscal and administrative activities of the Treasury, including managing budget procedures, operating trusts and capital budgets.

Executive Staff
Provides constituent services and support for the Treasurer. The communications director, Legislative Director, policy advisors, and chief of staff support and assist in the execution of the administration’s goals.

Human Resources
Responsible for implementing standards of accountability, employment, and labor legal compliance within the treasury.

Information Technology  
Provides computer services and information technology support to the Treasury.

Internal Auditor
Independently evaluates the adequacy of the Treasury’s internal controls. Collaborates with the Office of the State Auditor to conduct Treasury audits.

Legal Department
Acts as in-house counsel to the Treasurer and all Treasury departments. Attorneys advise and consult department heads on a variety of legal issues, draft legal memoranda, appear in administrative hearings, and write policies.

Our Departments and Agencies

Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission
The Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission is an agency under the Massachusetts State Treasury. Its overall objective is to provide uniform control over the sale, transportation, possession, purchasing, and manufacturing of alcoholic beverages in the state.

Alcohol Task Force
The Alcohol Task Force examines the legal and regulatory framework governing the alcoholic beverage industry in Massachusetts.

Asian American Commission
The Asian American Commission is dedicated to supporting members of the Asian-American community throughout Massachusetts.

Cash Management
Responsible for managing the Commonwealth’s daily cash flows. Responsibilities include managing the state’s banking needs, quarterly local aid payments to municipalities, management of short-term investment pool for the Commonwealth’s working capital and the regular reconciliation of state agency bank accounts. Additionally, the Small Business banking Partnership is an initiative that invests state reserve funds into Massachusetts community banks with the understanding that the financial institutions will use the deposits to make new loans to small credit-worthy businesses.

Debt Management
Responsible for managing the Commonwealth's short-term and long-term borrowing needs. Short-term borrowing is done through the sale of revenues anticipation notes and commercial paper long-term borrowing is done through the sale of Commonwealth bonds.

Defined Contribution Plans
Massachusetts Defined Contribution Plans offer retirement savings programs for public employees as well as employees of eligible nonprofit organizations.

Economic Empowerment
The Massachusetts Office of Economic Empowerment (OEE) is a department within the Massachusetts State Treasury tasked with supporting, advocating, and facilitating policies that empower all Massachusetts residents. Its priorities include closing the wage gap, increasing access to financial education, improving college affordability, and investing in STEM careers and education.

Massachusetts School Building Authority
The Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA) is an authority created to reform the process of funding capital improvement projects in the Commonwealth’s public schools. The MSBA strives to work with local communities to create affordable, sustainable, and energy efficient schools across Massachusetts that promote 21st century learning environment.

Massachusetts State Retirement Board
The State Retirement Board administers the retirement benefits of the Massachusetts State Employees' Retirement System. The Board is comprised of five members, of which the Treasurer is Chair.  

Massachusetts Clean Water Trust
The Massachusetts Clean Water Trust is an agency that improves water quality throughout the Commonwealth by providing low-interest loans to municipalities and other eligible entities.

Massachusetts Silver Legislature
This program provides education advocacy for seniors to become more aware of the legislative process.

Massachusetts State Lottery
The Massachusetts State Lottery was created in 1972 to generate much-needed local aid revenues for the commonwealth’s cities and towns. The Treasurer chairs a five-person commission.

Pension Reserves Investment Management Board (PRIM)
The nine-member PRIM Board, of which the Treasurer is Chair, manages the Pension Reserves Investment Trust (PRIT) Fund, a pooled fund which invests the assets of various state and local retirement funds.

Unclaimed Property
Protects the unclaimed assets belonging to the citizens of the Commonwealth. Under state unclaimed property laws, most financial assets that have been inactive for three years are reported to the division.

Veterans’ Bonus Division
The Treasury administers a “Welcome Home” Bonus program for veterans of the armed services and many others. The program provides bonus payments for veterans, servicemembers, and their families for qualified service in the United States.


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