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Agricultural Business Determination

For Agricultural Net Metering Facilities.

Massachusetts General Laws (G.L.), c. 164, §§138 through 143, include sections  relating to “net metering facilities”.  Among the classes of net metering facilities is “agricultural net metering facility.”  Such a facility is defined in G.L. c. 164, §138, as a renewable energy  generating facility that is operated as part of an agricultural business, generates electricity with a capacity of no more than two megawatts,   is located on land owned or controlled by an agricultural business, and is used to provide energy to metered accounts of the business.

Section 138 also defines “agriculture” as having the same meaning as that found in M.G..L. c. 128, §1A. In addition to the c. 128, §1A, definition, Section 138 authorizes the Commissioner of the Department of Agricultural Resources (“Department”)  to determine whether a business is an agricultural business.

Application Form for Determination of Agricultural Business Status