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Air quality laws and rules

Statutes, regulations, standards, policies and guidance.

Learn more about state and federal air quality statutes, the MassDEP regulations and standards implementing them, and policy and guidance documents detailing how to comply.

Air Quality Laws


U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA): Overview of the Federal Clean Air Act (U.S. Code Title 42, Chapter 85)


The Massachusetts Clean Air Act: (MG.L. Chapter 111, Sections 142A-142J)

MassDEP Regulations & Standards

Air Pollution Control Regulations

310 CMR 6.00: Ambient Air Quality Standards

310 CMR 7.00: Air Pollution Control

310 CMR 8.00: Prevention & Abatement of Air Pollution Episodes & Emergencies

310 CMR 60.00: Air Pollution Control For Mobile Sources

Compliance Certification Regulations

310 CMR 70.00: Environmental Results Program (ERP) Certification

MassDEP Policies & Guidance

Air Quality Policies & Guidance
Including air toxics guidelines, asbestos abatement practices, facility- and technology-specific requirements, local response to nuisance conditions, more.


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