Annual Enrollment Options for State Employees Overview

Annual enrollment time gives you the opportunity to review your benefit options and choose a new health plan or make other benefit changes if you wish.

Take action during Annual Enrollment!  Do your homework, even if you think you want to stay in the same health plan.  Take this opportunity to think about what you and your family need in the way of health care and other benefits. 

During annual enrollment, if eligible, you may:

Be sure to read your GIC Benefit Decision Guide for benefit and rate changes effective July 1, 2018.  Ask your GIC Coordinator for your guide.  These are delivered to agencies during the week of April 1. 


GATHER – a list of your doctors, hospitals and medications that you take frequently.  Be sure to include this same information for every family member you cover.

INVESTIGATE – your options by reading your Benefit Decision Guide and contacting the health plans:

  • Are your doctors and hospitals in the network?
  • What are the copay tiers of your providers? This determines your copay costs.
  • Are your prescription drugs included on the plan’s formulary, and if so, what copay tier are they in?
  • Are other services you might need covered?
  • Weigh total expected copay costs and premiums for each plan before you decide to remain in the same health plan or change to another option.

CHOOSE – your health plan no later than Wednesday, May 2. 

Keep in mind!  Once you choose a health plan, you cannot change plans during the year, unless you move out of the plan’s service area.  If your doctor or hospital leaves your health plan, you must find a new participating provider in your chosen plan. 

See this website for the latest annual enrollment news, forms to expedite your decisions, and answers to frequently asked questions.  A new Summary of Benefits and Coverage document, as required by federal health care reform, provides a summary of a GIC plan’s benefits and cost-sharing requirements. 

Mark the Date!  Enrollment forms are due to your GIC Coordinator no later than Wednesday, May 2, 2018.


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