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Appendix A: Glossary of Common Insurance Terms

Appendix A

Appraisal - A review of a claim to determine the value of a particular item or the loss to damaged property.

Cancellation - Termination of policy during the policy term.

Claim - A request for reimbursement for a loss covered by a policy. For example, a claim for items stolen from the policyholder's boat.

Deductible - An amount that an individual must pay for covered services before the insurance company will begin to make payments.

Depreciation - A decrease in the value of a property due to wear and tear or obsolescence.

Endorsement - Addition to the insurance policy that changes or adds to the provisions or coverage of the insurance policy.

Exclusion - Certain causes and conditions listed in the policy that are not covered.

Independent Agent - An agent who represents more than one insurer.

Independent Producer - A producer who represents more than one insurer.

Inflation Protection - A policy option that provides for increases in benefit levels to help pay for expected increases in the costs of property repairs.

Insurance - A formal device for reducing an insured's potential costs by transferring specific risks to insurance companies.

Lapse - Termination of a policy when a renewal premium is not paid.

Market Value - A term that describes what the current value of your boat would be if you were to sell it.

Non-Renew - Insurance company action to not extend coverage beyond the current policy term. Companies may only non-renew coverage after making appropriate notices to policyholders.

Personal Property - All tangible property not permanently attached to real property. The boat, like your automobile, and everything attached to it are considered personal property.

Policy - A written contract for insurance between an insurance company and a policyholder.

Premium - The amount of money an insurance company charges, based on a given rate, to provide the coverage described in the policy for a specified period of time, generally one year.

Property Coverage - Protection against the loss or damage to real or personal property caused by specific perils covered in the insurance policy or contract.

Replacement Cost Coverage - Coverage for the cost to completely replace your boat or any part of it.

Underwriting - The process of examining, accepting or rejecting insurance risks, and classifying those selected, in order to charge the proper premium for each.