Appointed 5th Member of the Beverly Retirement Board

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The Beverly Retirement Board is seeking applicants for the position of a Fifth Member. The Fifth Member, together with the other four members of the Board, acts as a fiduciary of the Beverly Retirement Board and is involved in the administration of the 522 members and 450 retirees of the system. The Board meets one day a month, generally the last week of the month and occasionally additional meetings are required. Monthly meetings last for about one hour or more and are held at Beverly City Hall. The Fifth Member is also required to complete 18 hours of educational sessions during his or her three-year term and to file an annual statement of financial interest and 268 A Ethic Pledge with the State. In addition, the Fifth member must learn and become proficient in State Retirement Law, plus local board policies and procedures. Travel to local meetings and trainings can be part of the Fifth Members responsibilities.

Applicants for the Fifth Member position shall not be an active, inactive, retiree, contractor or an official of the City of Beverly or one of its governmental units. Applicants will be interviewed and evaluated by the entire Board. The Fifth member position currently receives a monthly stipend of $250.

If you are interested in applying, please send a letter of interest and/or a resume by 4:30 p.m., December 29, 2017 to:

Beverly Retirement Board
191 Cabot Street, City Hall
Beverly, MA 01915

or by email to:


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