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Archived Daily Court Updates April 20 - April 24, 2020

Archived daily court updates from the Massachusetts state courts in response to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic.

Monday, April 20, 2020

No new updates today.

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Supreme Judicial Court Recently Entered Case

New webpage: Domestic Violence Resources

  • The Trial Court posted a webpage with resources and information about Abuse Protection Orders (G.L.c. 209A) and Harassment Prevention Orders (G.L.c. 258E) during the COVID-19 pandemic, a 209A & 258E Resource Guide that provides a region-specific listing of advocacy services information, and court contact information for law enforcement.

Boston Municipal Court, Housing Court Post Translated Information 

  • The Boston Municipal Court has posted translated information relating to the court's response to COVID-19 and Frequently Asked Questions in Arabic and Khmer. Click here to see the translated materials.
  • The Housing Court has posted translated Frequently Asked Questions in Spanish and Portuguese. Click here to see the translated materials.

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Supreme Judicial Court Clerk for the County of Suffolk Creates Email Address for New Filings

  • The SJC Clerk for the County of Suffolk has created an email address for filing new Single Justice cases: newsjcsinglejusticecase@jud.state.ma.us 

    Emergency filings with the Clerk’s Office may be submitted by mail or by email. Click here to find the Clerk's Office contact information and responses to FAQs.

District Court Posts Responses to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • The District Court has posted responses to your questions. If you have general questions about a case, hearing dates, how to reach a clerk's office, or other matters in the District Court, click here for answers.

Courts Post More Translated Materials

  • The Probate and Family Court has translated Standing Orders and the open letter regarding co-parenting during COVID-19 from Chief Justice John D. Casey into nine languages: Arabic, Cape Verdean, Chinese, Haitian Creole, Khmer, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Vietnamese. Click here to see all of the Probate and Family Court translated information.
  • The Boston Municipal Court added translated information in Arabic and Khmer in addition to Spanish and Portuguese. The Housing Court and Juvenile Court have also posted translated information. See the court system response to COVID-19 webpage to access all of the translated information.

Thursday, April 23, 2020

Supreme Judicial Court Order & Mass. Bar Exam Announcement

  • The Supreme Judicial Court and the Mass. Board of Bar Examiners (BBE) today announced a plan for the Massachusetts Bar Examination to proceed amid the COVID-19 pandemic, and an expanded opportunity for graduates to appear in court under the student practice rule (SJC Rule 3:03). Click here to find the SJC Order and Bar Exam announcement. 

Substance Use Disorder and Mental Health Resources

  • The Trial Court has developed a robust Resource Guide for those struggling with substance use disorders or mental health issues. The guide includes links to online support groups and recovery meetings, self-care resources, and hotlines and helplines.

Friday, April 24, 2020

Q & A with Trial Court Chief Justice Paula Carey

  • The National Center for State Courts featured a Q & A with Chief Justice Carey on how the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting Massachusetts state courts. Click here to read more. 

Update on Appeals Court Oral Arguments Scheduled for May

  • Oral arguments scheduled for the Appeals Court's May 2020 session will be conducted on the Zoom video conference platform with a livestream to the Appeals Court’s YouTube channel. The Clerk’s Office has prepared a Guide to Zoom Oral Arguments for attorneys and self-represented litigants. The Appeals Court will call cases in the sequence listed on the argument calendar.  
  • The Clerk’s Office will host practice Zoom sessions for attorneys and self-represented litigants with cases scheduled in May. To register for a practice session, check the Appeals Court’s Zoom webpage for scheduled practice sessions and email the court indicating the practice session you wish to join.