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At-A-Glance and Community Comparison Reports

Reports to help users develop a list of like communities or see a snap-shot of local data.

Local officials can use the reports on this page to develop a list of communities similar to their own based on population, budgets, property wealth or other key factors.  They also may prepare reports for presentation at meetings that provide a 5 year trend in local finance data, or a snap-shot in time of various finance and socioeconomic factors.

Community Comparison Report

All new Community Comparison Report - released 4/26/2019

The updated report is sleek, streamlined and very user friendly.  Still drawing on 65 data elements, each of the 7 easily accessible tabs on the top of the page pulls the information from multiple data sources onto one page.  This provides a snapshot of your data removing the often tedious task of scrolling and scrolling found on the old report.

Using any of the 12 different search criteria on each heading refines your search across all the tabs.  If you are looking to see what communities with a population between 30,000 and 50,000 with an annual budget between $50 million and $90 million, you just enter that criteria and it will carry over to each tab.  Since the search criteria carries over, the Community Comparison report essentially does the work for you.

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At-A-Glance Report

This report includes specific socioeconomic and financial demographics for a single community, for the current year.  This report is not designed to be used for historical data, or for creating comparisons between communities.


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Municipal Financial Trend Analysis

Single community, five year trend analysis presented graphically, and in data tables.

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