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$ave$mart Program

Achieve "Greater Savings on Statewide Contracts" with $ave$mart

The Operational Services Division’s $ave$mart Program affords Statewide Contractors the opportunity to boost product and service awareness among eligible buyers through limited-time promotional offers. Opportunities may include a reduction in cost or free/reduced cost training, as examples.  All vendor offers are subject to approval by the Strategic Sourcing Services Lead.

$ave$mart is designed to benefit Eligible Entities by providing:

  • Limited-time Statewide Contract pricing for specific items
  • Free or reduced cost training
  • Available survey of existing products
  • New Services or Products
  • Aggregated Purchasing Opportunities
  • Increasing awareness of opportunities available with Statewide Contracts
  • And more!

The following are the current program offerings. Please remember that items on $ave$mart are offered for a limited time only!


ITT46 - Network Services, Category 3 / Verizon Wireless


Qualified vendors interested in obtaining additional information about participating in the $ave$mart Program must contact their Strategic Sourcing Services Lead for details.