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Barrier Mitigation Grants

Grants for removing certain barriers that prevent Mass Save weatherization or heating upgrades

Program Information

DOER is funding grants for income qualified customers of Mass Save that encounter these barriers to getting work done for weatherization or heating upgrades:

Barrier Grants
Knob and Tube Wiring Up to $7000
Vermiculite Up to $7000
Asbestos Up to $4000

Customers must live in a home with one to four units and meet the Income guidelines below:

Number of Households Members Annual Income
                1 $35,510.28-$47,347.00
                2 $46,436.52-$61,915.00
                3 $57,632.76-$76,484.00
                4 $68,289.00-$91,052.00
                5 $79,215.24-$105,620.00
                6 $90,141.48-$120,189.00
                7 $92,190.15-$122,920.00

*To receive this grant, customers must also move forward with the Mass Save qualified work. 

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Who to Call

Income verification can be completed by phone, mail or at one of the Mass Save affiliate locations. 

Please call 1-866-537-7267 and select option one to start income verification process, which is completed by your local fuel assistance agency and is provided at no cost to the customer. 

Please note: customers will need to provide the following documentation in order to complete the income verification process

  1. The reference number shown in your Home Energy Assessment Confirmation email, or the Site ID shown on your Home Energy Assessment Report
  2. A copy of your natural gas utility heating bill and/or electric bill
  3. Proof of Income for all households members age 18 and over

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