Basic Reserve Police Academy

This course is an entry-level training program for a person hired or interested in a part-time reserve/intermittent position in which he or she will exercise police powers as a police officer.

This course is a minimum of 372.5 hours administered by regional police training organizations (listed below) at various locations throughout the Commonwealth. When carrying a weapon, an additional 20 hours of MPTC-certified firearms training is required.

Candidates accepted into a reserve/ intermittent training program must be:

  1. A minimum of 18 years old
  2. Employed or sponsored by a municipal, environmental, or University of Massachusetts police department or, if authorized by the Committee, some other law enforcement department.
  3. All issues of civil liability shall be determined in accordance with M.G.L. c. 258 and other applicable law. Sponsored candidates shall also sign and comply with the terms of the training program's Waiver and Release form.

Police Training Organizations

  1. Berkshire Law Enforcement Council
  2. Central Massachusetts Chiefs of Police Association
  3. Hampden County Law Enforcement Training Center
  4. Massachusetts Law Enforcement Training Alliance, LLC
  5. New England Law Enforcement Training Center
  6. Northeast Regional Police Institute
  7. Plymouth County Police Chiefs Association
  8. Professional Officer of the Law, Institute of Certification & Education
  9. South Suburban Police Institute
  10. Southeastern Massachusetts Police Training Association
  11. Western Massachusetts Police Chiefs Association, Inc.

Enrollment Requirements

Please register directly through the police training organization.

  • Sponsorship:  In order for you to attend an Academy you must be sponsored by a Chief of Police in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. You must obtain this sponsorship yourself.
  • Employment: Sponsorship does not guarantee employment with the sponsoring department or any other agency.  
  • Health Insurance:  You will be required to have health insurance to participate. It will be the responsibility of the sponsoring chief to verify insurance coverage as verified in the MPTC application.
  • Firearms:  The Firearms and ammunition are not included in tuition.  Some police training organizations is required to be provided by the sponsoring department.
  • Registration: Download and complete the MPTC Reserve Recruit Officer Application and Waiver and Release (complete it as instructed).  Forms are submitted directly to the police training organization.
  • Tuition:  Bank certified check or money order made payable to the police training organization. Please see specific police training organization's fee for tuition.

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