Brockton Superior Court and Brockton Trial Court

This project involves the analysis of the future needs of Brockton Superior Court.

Project Details

Brockton courts

Project Designer:  Ann Beha Architects
Project Type:  CM at Risk
Est. Project Cost:  $40,000,000
Est. Construction Substantial Completion Date:  Spring 2026

The project process will evaluate the best approach to resolving deficiencies at the existing Brockton Superior Court (SC) building, by either expanding the existing Brockton Trial Court (TC), located at 215 Main Street, to accommodate the business of Brockton SC, or by renovating and expanding the existing Brockton SC facility, located at 72 Belmont Street.

The building that currently houses Brockton SC is leased from Plymouth County by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and houses a portion of the Superior Court department for Plymouth County. The building was constructed in 1891, and no longer meets the needs of a modern courthouse. Brockton TC, located a few blocks from Brockton SC, on a 4.30 acre site, was constructed in 1999 and is a State-owned facility that co-locates the other 4 trial court departments in a modern justice center. This project will investigate whether combining operations from the Brockton SC and the existing multi-departmental Brockton TC, into one facility, will result in more modern and efficient court operations.