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Building Alternatives to Detention


Alternative to Detention

The Massachusetts Alternatives to Detention (ATD) Committee has worked in partnership with each of the local county JDAI committees to design a new resource to assist those in the courtroom access available local alternatives to detention. 

An “Alternative to Detention” is defined as a location or supervision that allows a juvenile with an open delinquency matter, including violation of probation, to remain out of hardware secure detention pending further court action.  It is of utmost important that the alternative be immediately available to the juvenile court.

Using the information provided by each local JDAI county committee, the ATD Committee is proud to release the below Alternatives to Detention Bench Cards for use in the JDAI Counties in Massachusetts. The ATD committee will continue to promote the development and support of culturally-competent successful alternatives throughout Massachusetts.  Any updates or modifications should be sent to

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