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Buying Life Insurance and Annuities in Massachusetts - Part Six

More Information
Taking Care of Your Insurance Policies

Store all policies in a safe place, but do not put them in a safe deposit box . Safe deposit boxes may be sealed when the owner dies, and it may be hard for your family members to get access to the policies. Keep a list of all policy numbers and the insurance companies in a safe place.

Keep your family informed about the insurance you have and where to find the policies, and make sure the insurance company always has your correct address.

The loss of a life insurance policy will not affect your protection in any way. If a policy is lost, accidentally destroyed or stolen, ask your agent or write to the company directly about getting a duplicate.

How Do I Get More Information?

The Massachusetts Division of Insurance has a Consumer Service Section which is available to help you. The Section provides consumers with general insurance information and advises them of their options under the provisions of their insurance policies, state laws and regulations.

The Consumer Service Section is available by telephone during the hours of 8:45 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. The Consumer Service Section can be reached in Boston at

617-521-7777 or in Springfield at 413-785-5526. The TTY/TDD number is 617-521-7490.

The first step is to discuss the problem with your agent, if you have one. If your agent cannot resolve the problem to your satisfaction, you can request assistance from the Consumer Service Section. However, you must file your complaint in writing, i.e. postal mail, fax, or electronic mail. (If you prefer, you can complete the Consumer Complaint Form  provided by the Division.

We can only help you obtain benefits that you are entitled to under your insurance contract and the laws and regulations of the Commonwealth. If we do not have any jurisdiction, we will let you know where help might be found.

How to File a Complaint:

In order to assist you, we must have your cooperation. We can discuss your situation over the phone or arrange a time for you to visit our office, or you may submit your complaint by postal mail or fax. Please include the following "key" information in your written complaint:
  • Your full name, daytime telephone number, and address.
  • If you are represented by an attorney.
  • The name of the insurance company and/or agents involved.
  • The type of insurance and any policy numbers and claim numbers involved.
  • The name, address and phone number of anyone at your insurance company or agency with whom you have dealt in trying to resolve your situation.
  • A brief description of the resolution that you are seeking.

Please mail your request to:


Division of Insurance
Consumer Service Section
One South Station
Boston, MA 02110-2208

or Fax to: (617) 521-7575

We will notify you when we receive your letter. We will then forward the material you sent to us to the applicable insurance company or agent, and require them to provide an answer to the questions you have raised. Once we have the company's response, we will determine a course of action.

Please keep in mind that we cannot intervene between attorneys and their clients, nor can we intervene in situations where another government service has jurisdiction, although we can help you find assistance.

We understand that insurance matters can be complex, often confusing, and sometimes lead to frustration. While we cannot resolve all situations, we will do our best to find an appropriate solution to your complaint.

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