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Career Center Seminars and RESEA

Staff Resources

CCS Information

Career Center Seminar Information Package 5-18-17
Introduction of Updated CCS
CCS Mandatory Slides Static and Fillable 2017
These slides can be placed within your CCS presentation wherever your Career Center sees fit.
Universal Access Statement for CCS Customers - To be Customized for each Career Center
Career Center Seminar Power Point Presentation - 2016
Please note: as stated in the Facilitator's Guide, this presentation can be customized to meet the specific services of your career center however, some slides / information are mandatory as indicated in the Facilitator's Guide.
Career Center Seminar - Handout Version
Career Center Seminar Information Package 5-18-17
Please note: the Facilitator's Guide includes mandatory slides and a list of mandatory handouts as well as optional ones.
A Job Readiness Inventory
Labor Market Research Worksheet
CAP Goal Form
Trade Handout
Trade Handout - Spanish
WOTC Handout
WOTC Handout - Spanish

Multilingual-American with Disabilities Act

ADA Career Center Seminar Presentation

2017 ADA CCS Presentation

Career Center Seminar Presentation

2017 ADA CCS Presentation
CCS PRESENTATION 8-2016 - Arabic 
CCS Presentation 8-2016 - Chinese
CCS Presentation 8-2016 - French
CCS Presentation 8-2016 - Haitian Creole
CCS Presentation 8-2016 - Italian
CCS Presentation 8-2016 - Khmer
CCS Presentation 8-2016 - Korean
CCS Presentation 8-2016 - Laotian
CCS Presentation 8-2016 - Portuguese
CCS Presentation 8-2016 - Russian
CCS Presentation 8-2016 - Spanish
CCS Presentation 8-2016 - Vietnamese

Career Center Seminar videos

Introducing the Career Center Seminar Video
New Spanish Career Center Seminar Video
New Portuguese Career Center Seminar Video
Career Center Seminar in American Sign Language

Career Action Plan (CAP) form - Multilingual

CAP Goal Form - English 8-16
CAP Goal Form - Arabic 9-16
CAP Goal Form - Chinese 9-16
CAP Goal Form - French 9-16
CAP Goal Form - Haitian Creole 09-16
CAP Goal Form - Italian 09-16
CAP Goal Form - Khmer 09-16
CAP Goal Form - Korean 09-16
CAP goal Form - Laotian 09-16
CAP Goal Form - Portuguese 09-16.
CAP Goal Form - Russian 09-16
CAP Goal Form - Spanish 09-16
CAP Goal Form - Vietnamese 09-16

State LMI Worksheet 2016 - Multilingual

State LMI Worksheet-English    
State LMI Worksheet-Arabic
State LMI Worksheet-Chinese
State LMI Worksheet-French
State LMI Worksheet-Haitian Creole
State LMI Worksheet-Italian
State LMI Worksheet-Khmer
State LMI Worksheet-Korean
State LMI Worksheet-Lao
State LMI Worksheet-Portuguese
State LMI Worksheet-Russian
State LMI Worksheet-Spanish
State LMI Worksheet-Vietnamese