Charter School Procurement

This 2-day class is designed to assist charter schools to comply with Section 11 of Chapter 46 of the Acts of 1997, which requires certain charter school administrators to earn a certificate of completion from the MCPPO program.

Charter schools are subject to certain state procurement laws, are exempt from others, and are always responsible for sound business practices and best value procurements. Efficient, effective and ethical contracting practices are essential for charter schools working to achieve their goals and objectives in a cost-effective manner. Charter School Procurement concludes with a written examination. 

To assist you with earning an MCPPO designation if you are a charter school official, we will apply the certification towards the requirements you need to earn the MCPPO designation. Instead of taking all three classes, you can opt out of the Public Contracting Overview class and just take the Supplies and Services Contracting and Design and Construction Contracting classes.

Class dates: No session.

Registration closes 2 weeks before a class starts
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Time: 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.



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  • Massachusetts procurement laws applicable to Massachusetts charter schools
  • Recommended procurement practices
  • Overview of legal requirements for public contracts
  • Procuring supplies and services
  • Buying, leasing, acquiring or disposing of real property
  • Legal requirements and best practices for procuring construction services