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Check authorization requirements

If an autopsy has been performed, you may be able to request the autopsy report from our office.

When our office performs an autopsy on a case, we will create an autopsy report. To request a copy of a report, you must meet eligibility requirements. It is important to note that we do not perform an autopsy for every case that comes into our office.

You may be authorized to receive a report if you are:

  • A surviving spouse
    • A copy of the report may be released to the next closest living relative if there is no legal spouse at the time of death
  • Lawyers involved in criminal or civil litigation involving the death with the consent of the next of kin or the court
  • Certain investigatory agencies
  • Health care providers such as a treating physician, medical peer review committee, or the hospital where the death occurred
  • The attorney general, district attorneys, and others allowed by law

Note: For open law enforcement cases, release of an autopsy report requires approval from the district attorney investigating the death