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Choose a Department of Transitional Assistance Employment Services Program activity

Through the Employment Services Program (ESP), find the best education or training program for you.

These are the programs that the Department of Transitional Assistance (DTA) offers TAFDC clients under the Employment Services Program (ESP). Whether or not you have a work requirement, your case manager will work with you to pick the best program to put you and your family on a path to economic stability. 

Young Parents Program (YPP)

YPP is administered through community-based public non-profit organizations and serves pregnant and/or parenting teens aged 14 through 24. If you are currently out of school and do not have a high school diploma or its equivalent or you wish to pursue post-secondary education and training, the YPP program will provide you with educational, vocational, career preparation and family support services to help you reach your education, life and parenting goals. 

Services include:

  • assessment

  • Adult Basic Education

  • high school equivalency certification

  • life and parenting skills

  • counseling

  • prevocational activities

  • job development

  • job placement, and

  • follow-up services

DTA Works Internship

The DTA Works internship program gives you employment experience and gets you job ready through a short-term, paid internship at a local DTA office, partner state agency or non-profit organization. This opportunity is a short-term, entry-level position that serves as a stepping stone to a higher paying job.

As a DTA Works intern, you will:

  • earn a monthly stipend (this is in addition to your benefits and will not affect your TAFDC grant or your SNAP/Food Stamps)

  • enjoy a supported work environment with one-on-one mentor support and feedback

  • learn the skills you need to succeed in an office environment 

  • gain references

  • fulfill your 30 hour-per-week work requirement, if you have one



You are eligible if you are:

  • receiving TAFDC

  •  meeting the Work Program requirement, if you have one

  • able to pass a CORI check

  • organized, with the ability to multi-task and have some customer service experience and/or administrative experience and a level of comfort in using computers and

  • willing to comply with the requirements of the internship, (such as perform administrative support for the front desk staff at a DTA office, work 37.5 hours per week, Monday – Friday, continue job search efforts, etc.)

Bi-lingual skills are an asset, but not a requirement.


How to apply

If you meet these criteria, email your resume to If you are chosen for an interview, we will schedule one with you at your local DTA office.


Office for Refugees and Immigrants (ORI) Program

The ORI program provides assistance to non-English and non-Spanish speaking noncitizens to overcome cultural and linguistic challenges to employment. Services are provided in your primary language. 

 Activities provided by ORI are:

  • assessment, including work history, life experience, interests, hobbies, and skills
  • job search, including finding and developing job leads, telephone skills, interview techniques and preparedness, resume writing, employer expectations and job retention
  • workshops and job fairs available through One-Stop Career Centers, providing you with job databases to locate employers
  • job placement
  • job placement follow-up by providing childcare and transportation services once you find employment



Work Participant Program (WPP)

Through a local One-Stop Career Center, you get comprehensive employment services that include:

  • job coaching through counseling and a "career readiness" assessment. A  job counselor will help you reflect on your values, interests, personality, and skills to identify what will make you successful and satisfied in your work. Then get advice on how to navigate the job, training, and education processes in your chosen industry


  • workshops and training ranging from one-hour workshops to certificate programs, based on your assessment and what's in current demand. Gain English language skills or get credentialed in machining, healthcare,  HVAC, hospitality management, computer information systems, and more, based on availability. Access digital resources and offline workshops on resume-writing, leadership, interviewing techniques, professionalizing your online presence, computer software programs, and entrepreneurship


  • job searching using the best ways to look for a job. Organize your search with access to computers, internet, and statewide and national online job listings for 1000s of openings for full-time and part-time work


  • networking to find and get a job through networked opportunities. Become a member of a job club and make useful business and employment connections 

 Find a career center near you and start today.

Additional Resources for

High School Equivalency Credential

If you do not have a high school diploma but need one for school or work, the GED © or HiSET® provides high school-level academic skills and certification. We'll pay the fee for you to take the test required to earn the credential. 

Community Service

Community Service organizations provide on-site work experience to clients with a work program requirement who are not meeting their work program requirement in an approved ESP activity, or working. Participation is:

  • based on your work program requirement hours per week
  • subject to minimum wage, overtime pay, recordkeeping, and youth employment standards and
  • may supplement an approved activity or employment (e.g. 10 hours community service and 10 hours work).