Claims Processing Data Overview

As part of our continuing effort to improve our business partnership with the provider community, we have compiled useful MassHealth claims-processing data at the provider-type level, which will be valuable to your organization.


This information will assist you in making important billing and other business process decisions. We encourage you to periodically review this information. The data will be updated frequently.

For more information about Dental claims email your request to the Dental Third Party Administrator.

Most Common Claim Denials by Provider Type

In an effort to help your office achieve optimum efficiency, we have identified the most common denial reasons by provider type and the steps to correct these denials. We ask you to review this data to help you to eliminate these denial reasons from your claims.

Most Common Reasons Why Your MassHealth Claims Deny

Upon request MassHealth will provide you with the top denial reasons for your organization. Submit a request by emailing Be sure to include your MassHealth provider number, your provider type (for example, podiatry), and your e-mail address. All requests will be responded to within five business days and we will do our best to provide you with all of the information you requested. For additional assistance when billing MassHealth, visit the Billing Tips page. 

Click below to see the most common claim denial reasons for the following provider types:


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