CM at Risk Projects

These projects are in the design stage of Construction Manager at Risk procurement under MGL C. 149A.

The Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance (DCAMM) is responsible for pre-qualifying sub-contractors for the Trade categories, but all of the bidding for these projects is handled by the Construction Manager. The name and contact information for the Construction Manager is provided.

Chapter 149A CM Selection - estimated bid by quarter

Project Number Project Name City Architect Total Project Cost 2019 Q2
2019 Q3
(July- Sept.)
2019 Q4
2020 Q1
DCP1905 McCormack Building - Immediate Needs Boston Saam Architecture $23.95 Mil       X
DPH1641  JP Biologics Building - Demolition Jamaica Plain Payette $86.83 Mil   X    
EOL1801 DUA Brockton - New Facility Brockton Jones Architecture $28.53 Mil       X

Chapter 149A - Bid Status of CMs Already Awarded - estimated bid by quarter

Project Number Project Name and CM City Total Project Cost 2019 Q2
(Apr.- June)
2019 Q3
2019 Q4
(Oct.- Dec.)
2020 Q1

Chelsea Soldiers Home Community Living Center - Consigli Construction Co.

Demolition, Landscaping, Concrete, Foundations, Subgrade Enclosures, Roofing, Exterior Walls and Windows, Partitions, Interior Doors, Ceramic Tile, Suspended Ceiling, Millwork, Interior Finishes, Conveying, Plumbing, HVAC, Fire Protection, Electrical


$199.25 Mil
Bidding in Progress



Information provided on this page was effective 6/28/19 and is subject to change.