Coastlines Newsletters for 1988

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January 1988

  • Roseate Tern Declared an Endangered Species, p. 1.
  • Director's Message—Richard F. Delaney, p. 2.
  • The Massachusetts Wetlands Protection Act and the New Wildlife Regulations, p. 4.
  • Harbor Planning Program Update, p. 5.
  • Governor Signs Open Space Bill, p. 5.
  • Environmental Guide "And Two if by Sea; Fighting the Attack on America's Coasts, a Citizen's Guide to the U.S. Coastal Zone Management Act" Available, p. 5.
  • THE BOSTON PATRIOT, Barge with Toxic Cargo Strands on Sandwich Beach, p. 6.
  • The Problem with Removing a Dune, p. 7.
  • CZM Sponsors Public Meeting on ACECs, p. 7.
  • EOEA Names Five "Special Places" in Massachusetts, p. 7.

February 1988

  • Beach Erosion in Chatham Endangers Properties, p. 1.
  • Excerpts from the Wetlands Protection Act, DEQE Regulations (310 CMR:10.00), p. 3.
  • Eichbaum Joins EOEA as Undersecretary of Environmental Affairs, p. 4.
  • New Coastal Bills Introduced for 1988 Legislative Session, p. 5.
  • Final Coastal Legislative Update—1987, p. 5.
  • Boatyard Preservation Program Authorized, p. 8.
  • Governor Appoints Commission to Study State Environmental Programs, p. 9.
  • Draft Dredging Policy Guidance Document Available, p. 10.
  • Beach Cleaning Equipment—Commentary by CZM Geologist, Jeff Benoit, p. 11.

March 1988

  • Applications Being Accepted for New Round of CFIP Grants, p. 1.
  • Update on Harbor Planning, p. 2.
  • CZM Receives Positive Review from NOAA, p. 2.
  • Supreme Court Offers Decision on Public Trust Case, p. 3.
  • Cape Cod Marine Water Quality Task Force Formed, p. 3.
  • Buzzards Bay Assigned National Status, p. 4.
  • Publication "1988 Open Space Inventory" Available, p. 4.

April 1988

  • CZM Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary, p. 1.
  • State Suspends Use of TBT in Boat Paint, p. 2.
  • Studds Introduces Environmental Bills, Sponsors Coastweeks 1988, p. 2.
  • Broad Sound Proposed for ACEC Status, p. 3.
  • Federal Relief for Homeowners Threatened by Erosion, p. 3.
  • Comments of Massachusetts to the Draft Environmental Impact Statement on Proposed North Atlantic Oil and Gas Lease Sale 96, p. 4.
  • Coastal Advocacy Group Forms, p. 5.
  • WBNERR Update, p. 5.
  • Harbor Planning Update, p. 5.
  • Coalition Seeks Volunteers for Buzzards Bay Day, p. 5.
  • Massachusetts Environmental Program Ranked Top in Nation, p. 6.
  • State Creates Environmental Trust Fund to Aid Boston Harbor, p. 6.
  • Mass Audubon Official Named to Head DEQE, p. 6.
  • CZM Southeast Office Moves, p. 8.

May/June 1988

  • Governor Calls for Tougher Controls on Offshore Drilling, Stronger State CZM Programs, p. 1.
  • Legislative Update—May 1988, p. 2.
  • Wooden Schooner "Adventure" Given to City of Gloucester, p. 4.
  • The History and Future of the Buzzards Bay Advisory Group, p. 5.
  • Celebrating Ten Years of Coastal Zone Management, p. 6.
  • Hingham Landswap Produces Town-Owned Waterfront Parcel, p. 8.
  • Harbor Cruises Scheduled, p. 9.
  • DEM Sponsors Beach Workshop, p. 10.
  • Environmental Ball Held for Proposed Broad Sound ACEC, p. 10.
  • Environmental Leadership Training Institute Offered, p. 10.
  • Mailing List to Be Updated, p. 11.

July 1988

  • Waquoit Bay Joins Federal Estuarine Reserve System, p. 1.
  • Public Information Meetings Scheduled for Nonpoint Source Assessment Report, p. 1.
  • Coastal Water Bodies and Their Nonpoint Sources of Pollution, p. 2.
  • Harbor Planning News, p. 3.
  • Tours of Deer Island, p. 3.
  • New Federal Program to Limit Marine Plastic Pollution, p. 3.
  • Studds Introduces Mass Bays Protection Act, p. 3.
  • CZM to Organize Coastweeks Beach Cleanups, p. 4.

September 1988

  • CZM Organizes Beach Cleanups for Coastweeks '88, p. 1.
  • Nantucket Conducts Island-Wide Cleanup, p. 2.
  • Reports from the Bays Programs, p. 2.
  • Hurricane Season upon Us, p. 2.
  • Coastweeks Cleanup Schedule, p. 2.
  • Belle Isle Marsh Reservation Schedules 2nd Anniversary Celebration, p. 3.
  • Rumney Marsh Designated ACEC, p. 3.
  • State Acquires 361 Acres of Cape Land Along Quashnet River, p. 3.
  • CFIP and Harbor Planning Grant Applications Now Being Reviewed by CZM, p. 3.
  • Officials Break Ground for MWRA Project at Deer Island, p. 4.

October 1988

  • Sculpture to Highlight Coastweeks Cleanup, p. 1.
  • Establishing a National Oceans Policy Commission, p. 2.
  • Cape Cod Task Force Seeks to Control Coastal Pollution, p. 2.
  • Back River Wildlife Sanctuary Dedicated, p. 2.
  • The North Atlantic Right Whale, p. 3.
  • DEQE to Conduct Nonpoint Source Control Demonstration Project, p. 4.
  • Report from the Bays Programs, p. 4.
  • Guidebook to Plastics in the Oceans Now Available, p. 4.
  • Pamet Designated Scenic River, p. 4.

November 1988

  • Beach Cleanups Collect 25 Tons of Debris, p. 1.
  • Plastic Dumping Rules Issued, p. 2.
  • Particular Individuals and Groups Commended for COASTSWEEP Efforts, p. 2.
  • Trash from Massachusetts Beaches Recycled into Artwork in Plymouth, p. 2.
  • Letters from the Osterville Bay School Cleanup Project, p. 3.
  • Hurricane of '38 Video Produced, p. 3.
  • Announcing the Sixth Symposium on Coastal and Ocean Management, p. 3.
  • Reports from the Bays Programs, p. 3.
  • Boston Harbor/Mass Bays Annual Symposium, p. 3.
  • Growth Management Forum Sponsored by the New England Environmental Network, p. 4.


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